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How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Every sugar baby always wants more sugar daddy in the form of gifts, money, trips-you name it. However, sugar babies, especially newbies, might find it difficult to get sugar daddies giving them money and showering them with other gifts as they would wish to. However, sugar daddies conceit themselves for their ability to be generous and give sugar babies the more luxurious things in life. For sugar babies, the fear is always about appearing materialistic and overly dependent in asking for money directly from these men. Here is an exclusive look at how to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

Be the Sugar Baby He Wants You to Be

Most of these sugar daddies are either undergoing hardships in their marriage or divorcees. To win them over and have them give you more money, you need to play to their fetishes and be everything they want you to be. Being smart both physically and intellectually can greatly increase their probability of meeting all your needs to keep off other potential men. Another characteristic of sugar babies is that they follow the requirements without being objective. But as you do that, maintain your dignity and class.

Put More Effort on Establishing Connections

Connections between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy are commonly superficial and based on individual benefits. However, building intimate and personal relationships through top sugar daddy sites can be more rewarding. You can accomplish this by paying attention to your sugar daddy's frustrations and passion in life. Talk to him about his past, his achievements, and details about his intimate life. You want to find out as much as you can about your sugar daddy to show him that you are interested in him as a person, not only for money. After knowing the answers to these questions, be that girl that supports his interests, calms his fears and insecurities, and endorses his values. This will make the sugar daddy more open and trusting, abolishing the view of you as a sex object. This way, getting money will become easier and much more comfortable. By mastering any of this, you will have made yourself irreplaceable to your sugar daddy, and he will give you anything to keep you happy and on your side.

Discuss Allowance or Pay Per Date with Sugar Daddy

The secret of receiving the allowance you require and pretty much anything you need while not feeling stubborn is using some tactics. One of the best tactics is casually asking him for advice on some financial issue, even if you don't necessarily require it. It will serve to give him little hints that you require an allowance. You can also discuss the goals you want to achieve and the type of lifestyle you expect to experience with him. This should begin opening him up about the allowance part without any awkwardness or embarrassment. Be creative to get him to discuss your allowance, so you already be getting money for sugaring.

• Pay Per Date

As the title means, you will be paid every time you go over a date with him. Normally, you will know how often you will be viewing each other, and you get some money every time you meet up. With pay per date, it is easier to negotiate and ask for a raise. Generally, it can be lower, so it is more understandable to ask for more to take care of your rent or other expenses. However, it can be irregular, so consistent funds are not guaranteed as sugar daddies can get plenty busy and not see you each time. But overall, the best thing about Pay per Date is its simplicity. You are guaranteed to get money every time you meet your sugar daddy, and you are more likely to get more sugar daddies looking for a quick fix.

• Regular Allowance

For most sugar babies, this is the best way to relate to the sugar daddies. An allowance comes as regular money such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is a sort of income in which you spend time, have fun and get an amount at the end of a set period. Most sugar daddies who offer an allowance are looking to stick for some time other than a quick fix hence are more dedicated to your lifestyle and objectives. The allowance might hence be thousands or more depending on his generosity. On top, you could get additional bonuses like going on a business or holiday travel with him. However, it might be overwhelming to ask for a big sum, which can turn off some men. More so, because he is spending one–time payment, he could demand more companionship. Overall, whenever you get a trusted allowance sugar daddy, focus on one, and the sugar will keep rolling.

Give Your Sugar Daddy Gifts

What? Should he not be the one showering you with gifts? Of course, yes, but giving him gifts first will be one of the most effective ways of receiving more valuable and frequent gifts from your sugar daddy. The cool thing about this tactic is that the gifts won’t cost you much. The type of gifts you buy for your sugar daddy doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. He is not expecting much from you. You just want to give him small, thoughtful presents that show you care about him and you have been paying attention, often makes him happily think about you and show he is special to you and you share a special bond. Regardless of the type of gift, the act of purchasing a present for your sugar daddy shows that you appreciate him as a person, not a bank, and you are a giver. This will make him give you money and gifts, which will be more frequent and generously.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of sugar daddies who are ready to give you money and meet your needs. You just have to do your part and get these sugar daddies eating from the palm of your hands. This way, it won’t be a big deal to get your sugar daddy to give you money. So that’s it, with luck, you should find a sugar daddy who is willing to work together with you. Follow these tips and keep your self-worth and health as the priority. Nothing can compensate for that.

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