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Ways to Identify A Fake Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is an older man who generously spends on his girlfriend or boyfriend or his mistress. Usually, it's a successful man with a lot of accumulated wealth and willing to spend it.

Types of Sugar Daddies

There are three types of sugar daddies:

  1. The wanderers

  2. Soul searchers are usually undergoing major life changes.

  3. The Johns who get into relationships for solemnly a lot of sex.

Ways to Identify a Fake Sugar Daddy

In this generation, everyone wants to afford a decent livelihood, even though not all are willing to work for it. However, finding a genuine sugar daddy is rare, with only an estimate of 16% registered members being true.

Fake sugar daddies have a tendency to exploit peoples’ financial vulnerability and isolation. After dating for some weeks or months, they will start requesting financial support in what appears to be genuine ways or circumstances.

They also tend to question loyalty and the things one has to offer. Some may even request a bank account for large amounts of transactions since most of them have various contacts, while the photos they use are usually not there and are recycled from other accounts. Sometimes people believe the scammers have a common network due to the similarities in tactics, messages, and photos.

Fake sugar daddies mostly prey on emotional and financial vulnerability. Detectable weakness makes one susceptible to being prey to this group of cons. They use empathy to victimize their prey. Often, they position themselves in a wanting position, trying to determine how vulnerable one is, thereby familiarizing themselves with the extent of extortion to do.

Fake sugar daddies avoid cash payment yet most are old school. Even though modernization makes it easy and fast to operate on a daily basis, with it comes fraud and different ways to be scammed. Therefore, most fake sugar daddies prefer using recent digitalized payment methods to easily manipulate their prey.

Furthermore, fake sugar daddies buy time by pretending to take their time to figure things out, but in a real sense, they are buying themselves time. They like victimizing people to think there are doing something wrong and have to make up for it. Sometimes they use this strategy on the first sugar daddy dating.

Also, some may proceed to ask for sexual favors when the relationship is still premature. Some may even go to the extent of offering money for sexual pleasure. This is usually a red flag, especially if sex is not all you are in search of.

Do you know how old are sugar daddies usually? Real a sugar daddy is an experienced older man, usually the age of 42 and above, who is incredibly successful in his career. And they know how to fill the real pofile as a sugar daddy.

Finally, there is a category of fake sugar daddies that offer to settle up bills in exchange for sexual favors. This group mostly prey on young naïve girls who are still very inexperienced and unaware of their vulnerability to their surroundings. More so, they feel the need to stress how hard they work for their money and their reluctance to give it. Alternatively, they may also victimize you for seeking money to avoid paying it. They also avoid expensive dates and restaurants since they cannot afford the bill.

Types of Sugar Daddies Relationships

There are different types of sugar daddies’ relation; some of these types are; compensated dating, Sugar dating, compensated companionship, benefiting sugar friendships, sugar prostitution, pragmatic love, and sugar friendship.

Compensated dating is a form of arrangement where material compensation is offered in exchange for a meal, coffee, or event attending, commonly practiced in Asia. On the other hand, sugar dating entails’ a combination of sex and the intertwined companion life. Compensated companionship entails a range of actives involving a woman in a man's life in a more intertwined way. For most people, compensated companionship and compensated dating do not include sexual activities.

Sugar friendship with benefits is an unstructured sugar friendship. The beneficiaries may go as far as supporting their livelihood from the woman. On the other hand, sugar prostitutions involve exchanging gifts and money for sex; it is purely the absence of emotions.

Finally, pragmatic love is when both individuals are hopeful to end up together with all the woman's needs being catered for.

Fake Sugar Daddies Targets

Fake sugar daddies often target emotional or financially vulnerable women. In some cases, young naïve girls fall victim to the fake sugar daddies’ scams. Disparity signs are usually a magnet to this group of cons.

Women with financial pressure and bills to pay mostly fall victims as they try to figure out the easiest way to raise money to sustain their expenditure. Furthermore, young women who want to sustain an ambitious life the quickest way, usually referred to as "stupid and greedy," are a common group of people who fall prey.

A fake sugar daddy will identify an individual's weaknesses and goals and exploit them to his benefit. In addition, these sugar daddies pose as very potential and wealthy men in social media; they use dating sites where individuals desperate for love upload their information. They also upload fake information on sugar daddies’ platforms in the hopes that they will fish a sugar baby and extort them for money or sex. The targets do not necessarily have to be young women; some men also fall victims to such scums and older women.

Risks of Dating Fake Sugar Daddies

Being a fake sugar daddy may result in an easy and fast money-making experience; however, things may quickly take a toll resulting in physical violence. This may lead to the suffering of series of physical injuries by an individual. Apart from that, an individual may suffer health weathering as a result of the transmission of sexual diseases.

Sometimes the experience can be as horrific as abduction and rape or, even worse, death. Sometimes the fake sugar daddies behind the tantalizing profile might be a psychopath. Some exceed to force drug usage and engagement to uncomfortable sexual behaviors on an individual. Sadly, online is a perfect environment for these scammers. Furthermore, when men make a payment for sex and time, they feel entitled and often lack respect. By people avoiding the topic and constantly abusing individuals that are victimized, fake sugar daddies continue getting away with scams.

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