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SeekingArrangement Review

Created by Brandon Wade in 2006, SeekingArrangement is a dating platform or site developed where young women and men can meet sugar mommies and sugar daddies who can offer them both mentorship and financial help. In return, the sugar babies are expected to provide them with companionships and long-term relationships. 
While the site's URL switched to, its logo, layout, and name remained the same. Seeking Arrangement restructures the concept of an ideal relationship; it averts the conventional way of online dating. The site offers a haven where you can mix pleasure with business. On Seeking Arrangement, you can easily find relationships where you can make upfront, honest arrangements that match your needs. 
As the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site, SA, whether you're a well-established person who wishes to pamper someone or are a mature, young lady or lad who wants to be pampered, the platform claims to have you covered.  Does SeekingArrangement provide or deliver you with legit and suitable matches? In this article, we take a more detailed review into whether the site is worth your money or not?

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SeekingArrangement Member Structure

  • The site has about 10M active users worldwide- more than half are from the US.

  • Up to 150,000 weekly member activity.

  • SeekingArrangement has almost an equal gender proportion (52% males and 48% females).

  • 20% of the total members are sugar mommas/daddies, whereas 80% are sugar babies. 

  • Four- the maximum allowed number of sugar babies for every sugar mommy or daddy.

SeekingArrangement is a unique dating site targeting niche users. Because it's not a general dating site, some who accidentally stumble upon it may be put off by its idea. Nonetheless, it does a perfect job in providing a safe environment for those who seek such a connection and relationship.  What's surprising about a site with such a unique concept is its vast membership.

Unlike the common misconception, not all sugar mommies or daddies are in for sexual relationships- some are there only for companionship. The same case for sugar babies; it is not all about the financial advantages. 

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Main and Special Features

Search filter

It has an advanced search filter created for income, allowance, and net worth.

Certified daddy

The feature awards the best sugar daddies a badge for certification. When it comes to the search results, the certified daddy profile will appear on top of the priority list. Only premium members will access this feature.

Advanced Search Option

Premium users have advanced search options and three account locations.

Profile verification

List Body

10 Free Messages

Users can send up to 10 free messages; to continue, you'll have to join a premium membership.

Private photos share

You’re allowed to share private photos with users.

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Price List

Available Now


One Month / 3 months

$89.95 per month

$239.85 For Three months

Diamond Membership

One month


SeekingArrangement Review: Price List

Basic FAQ for SeekingArrangement

1. Who owns Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement was developed by Brandon Wade, a San Francisco native, and entrepreneur. 

2. Why did the site URL switch from to 

 The past URL was switched to avoid the platform from being linked to human trafficking, prostitution, and other unlawful activities. It occurred immediately Apple insisted they aren’t supporting sugar dating platforms, and the US enacted a law restricting online sex trafficking. 

3. Is Seeking Arrangement illegal?

No. Despite having a somewhat shady concept, the site entirely operates under the law.

4. Aside from personal credit cards, what other payment options are available?

You can use Visa or Mastercard because they’re like gift cards or Google Play for app users. 

5. Is premium membership renewed automatically?

Yes, SeekingArrangement charges you automatically renew during the next billing period- you'll have to cancel the auto-renew. 

6. What should I do after receiving a suspicious email?

In case you receive a suspicious message that's claiming affiliation with SeekingArrangement, report it immediately to the support staff. There is a link on every page on their website. 

7. What is the purpose of the background check?

SeekingArrangement holds affiliations with a third-party company that ensures a background check. Passing that evaluation gives you a badge on the profile.

8. Can I send payment by mail to SeekingArrangement? 

There's no such form of payment available. If you aren't comfortable using your credit card, you can opt for Visa, Mastercard, or Google App Store.

9. Can you use the services of SeekingArrangement for free?

Yes, you can be a member of this platform and use their services without joining paid membership. But this offer is only available for sugar babies, but sugar mommas/daddies have to enter a premium subscription. 

10. Will SeekingArrangement verify my income?

Users must get a background verification as part of their membership, which includes proof of your identity and income. 

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As one of the most renowned sugar daddy dating sites worldwide, SeekingArrangement has made a significant splash both in the media and online. The site has featured in publications, such as the New York Times and shows such as Dr. Drew, CNN, Dr. Phil, and more.

 'Mutually beneficial arrangements' is the site's concept, matching wealthy and successful benefactors with beautiful women and men seeking to be spoiled and pampered. From the review above, the site is truly worth your money. Get started today, quick and easy. 

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