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SugarDaddyForMe Review

The concept of developing the SugarDaddyForMe site emerged in 2004. It was a revolutionary and brave invention by an entrepreneur in California. Its history features multiple exciting events. Talk and reality TV shows highlighted SuggarDaddyForMe on various occasions, and some businesspersons and American politicians registered with the site immediately after its release. 
As it appears, there is an increasing demand for a sugar dating scene, where older women/men (sugar mommies or sugar daddies) find younger women/men (sugar babies) to pamper and spoil. It is also an excellent place for women to meet a mature man for both physical and financial satisfaction.

Besides, the site guarantees users privacy and confidentiality. It’s safer to use SuggarDaddyForMe than meet a stranger in the bar or street. If you are looking for a sugar daddy, this is the best place to find like-minded persons. With more than 1,000 new profiles daily, SuggarDaddyForMe has gathered over 4M members. Read on to find out more about this dating site.

SugarDaddyForMe Review: Welcome

SugarDaddyForMe Member Structure

Members: SuggarDaddyForMe currently has over 4,000,000 users in the USA. 
Gender Proportion: 35% male members as compared to 65% female users.
Members Activity: the site has about 2,000 daily logins.
Members aren’t vetted via their email addresses.
Women are tired of dating immature boys of the same age, as most of them are always broke. Affluent sugar daddies who love to spoil and pamper young sugars get a chance to create a profile they can fill out.

SugarDaddyForMe Review: Text

Main and Special Features

Take notes about other users.

You can easily take notes about others users.

Audio/video chat rooms

Sugar daddy and baby can chat by vidoes and premium users can create new chat rooms.

See who’s online now

Premium users can see who's online now.

24/7 customer support

Any question you can send and they will reply to you within 24 hours.


You can share your life on forums.

Send gifts

You’re allowed to send gitfs with sguar babies.

Special Features

SuggarDaddyForMe offers users special and super features to ensure you enjoy connections with an attractive, smart, and hot mom or sugar baby. 
The dating platform offers the option of a Weekend Planner. It lets other members know about your weekend plans, as the planner showcases your calendar into different time frames. You can apply varying colors to various routes. For example, use green to illustrate you’re busy and green to show you’re available. 

Users can also enjoy the ‘Anonymous’ feature, whereby they can continue viewing the site without having a profile photo- this just allows how secure or safe the site is as you can browse profiles with an anonymous profile. Nevertheless, SuggarDaddyForMe encourages members to have a profile photo to improve their credibility factor. 

SugarDaddyForMe Review: List

Price List

Available Now

Silver Membership

One month

Silver Membership: $39.95
Silver Membership + Total Access: $54.90

Gold Membership

One month

Gold Membership: $44.95
Gold Membership + Total Access; $59.90

SugarDaddyForMe Review: Price List

Basic FAQ for SugarDaddyForMe

1. Does SuggarDaddyForMe Have A Mobile App?

The dating platform offers no mobile app for members’ convenience. They ought to work on developing a great dating app that will make sure members around-the-clock members availability.

2. Is The Dating Site For Free?

Some features are free but only paid membership users have access to some of their exclusive features. Members are allowed to remain free subscribers for as long as they want.

3. Is SuggarDaddyForMe Legit?

The dating platform’s users are real. Currently, it has more than 4M users. Besides, SuggarDaddyForMe has a staunch privacy and security policy, making it secure and safe.

4. How To Cancel SuggarDaddyForMe Subscription?

There are two things you can do if you wish to cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription initially and request to remove your profile or just cancel your membership option and keep your profile running. 
In addition, you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to and call the company to halt your premium renewal. Note that your current subscription won't be canceled, nor will you receive a refund for your payment. 

5. How Does SuggarDaddyForMe Work?

The platform works just like other dating sites in that you sign up, create a profile, browse for attractive women, and start texting. Those with some online dating experience will have an easy time navigating through this site.

6. How To Block Someone On SugarDaddyForMe?

Most online dating experiences prove unhealthy and bad because of fake or rude users. In case of such instances, you can block & report it to the company’s supporting team. Take the following steps to block such lunatic users:
•    Login to your account.
•    Go to Activity Block.
•    Click Block Button.
Suppose you change your mind and wish to unblock the user; take the same steps. 

7. How Often Can I Send Texts On SugarDaddyForMe?

There's no limit on sending texts, as you can send as many messages to various people. However, the ability to send texts is only available for premium users.

8. How Old Can You Be To Register On SuggarDaddyForMe?

To become a member of this platform, one has to be at least 18 years. All single users on this site are adults- the site's administration ensures that they don't violate any law.

9. Is SuggarDaddyForMe And SugarDaddie One Site?

These are two very different dating platforms, which offer sugar daddies a place to browse and hook up with hot sugar babies. 

10. Can I Switch My Username On SuggarDaddyForMe?

Yes, you can easily edit your profile at the section on top of the site. In case you need any assistance, contact the support team.

SugarDaddyForMe Review: Text


There’s nothing wrong with exchanging or sharing some benefits. If you wish to be spoilt or pampered, but nobody around you appreciate you that much, it's best to seek dedicated services. By creating an attractive profile with SugarDaddyForMe, you can get access to a vast number of lonely and wealthy persons who want your attention. 
A dedicated niche site like this one was launched for a purpose. There are multiple positive reviews about SugarDaddyForMe services. Good news for sugar daddies- the more significant percentage of the users are females. The only downside about SuggarDaddyForMe is that smartphone users don’t have an available mobile application.

SugarDaddyForMe Review: Text
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